Becoming Mycroft Holmes - Ekalavya

For Self Learners: How to use the power of secondary research to transform gruntwork to geniuswork.

Learn the power of secondary research to mine insights without leaving your armchair.

By Vijay Chidambaram
Partner, Centre of Gravity 

Have you ever felt this way?

  • I find numbers and graphs and reports boring.
  • Compiling and reviewing reports and doing Google search for data is the most useless part of my job.
  •   I really don’t know how some people can read reports and then tell a story. I wish I could do that.   

Then this course is for you.

We truly believe that in today’s online world, most of the data that you need to make an informed decision is out there. And all you need is a roadmap to learn how to sift the useless from the useful, and form a battle-tested story from the data.

This course will show you that you can become a thinker Mycroft Holmes. Someone who can magically find the right data, organize it, sift the gold from the fluff, and give strategic input to your teams. Even solve problems from your armchair.

What you will learn in this course

This is the first of its kind course. We looked for one to learn from. And we couldn’t find one. So we created it for our strategists.

And now we are taking this human-oriented approach to hard and soft data to the world. The most important thing you get from the course is the confidence to tackle data.

Amongst all the stuff in this power-packed course, here are some key things you’ll learn. 

  • What kind of data to collect.
  • Where to look for it. 
  • How to form stories and hypotheses. 
  • How to predict the future. 
  • How to bring your stories from your data to others powerfully.

Start learning now!

INR 8,000

Great for self learners

Two kinds of courses. For two kinds of learners.

For every course in HumanWorks, you have two options. The Ekalavya Course and The Arjuna Cohort Class.

Ekalavya courses

Ekalavya courses like this one are meant for self learners who learn at their own pace. Learners who have the discipline to take the time, watch the course content, do the additional reading, spend time to think about the concepts learned. Students who pose questions in the discussion forums. Who like to receive feedback from the instructor and other students who took the course before them.

The world outside infantilizes today’s learners. By calling them people who are distracted, who only have the capability to take bite size information, or who have an attention deficit that they can't take the time to think and reflect. The Ekalavya courses are for those who can prove such people wrong.

Arjuna Cohort Classes

Arjuna Cohort Classes are Instructor Led Programs for a limited number of students in each course. As the name suggests, this program is on a scheduled calendar of learning. Usually spread about 10 weeks. The courses include pre-recorded content, and weekly live discussions in addition to the online forums for discussion and feedback.

The course is for deep learners, who seek the interactivity of a live class and the deeper interactivity with the instructor and other select students. Since offering these courses by our instructors needs them to take a break from their regular strategy consulting practice, we offer these courses only twice a year. In January and in September.

Why did we name these courses the Ekalavya and Arjuna courses? These are heroic characters in the Indian epic, The Mahabharata.
Both of them were excellent archers, who had very different learning paths. 

Course Curriculum

Downloadable E-book

A handy E-Book ready reckoner with all the key concepts of the course, to brush up on concepts long after the course is done. Also this will be your first book of brand stories, collected, organized, and ready to be told. By you.

Discussion Forum

Ask questions while you are learning. Get feedback from your instructor and learn from past discussions with students.

Vijay Chidambaram

I failed miserably in a corporate structure.

I had a nagging discomfort with the way I had learned management and how I was applying it. The practices were technically right, yielded business results, but did not have a soul. At the beginning of a career, these discomforts morphed into doubts about my ability and identity and never about the way organizations functioned.

This story changed for me in the last fifteen years at Centre of Gravity. Founded by friends, we have been able to impact the approach to business through our human-centered strategy lens. And this approach has time and again been highly successful and delivered results for both big, powerful brands as well as smaller ones. We are still perfecting this (and like any learning journey, this too will be a never-ending one), but we believe that this is a very strong and credible alternative to the status quo.

Since this approach is anchored in fundamental human truths and principles, it is not just for the professional sphere but could be used across all spheres of our life.

As an evangelist for this work, I want to convert as many as possible by making this approach widely known and available. And in my own naive way, I hope that one day, organizations and brands would adopt this as the default approach.

Clients: Some of the brands I have worked for are Asian Paints, Ceat Tyres, Janalakshmi Microfinance, Piramal Realty, Rustomjee, Cottonworld, Mufti, Firstsource, Agrocel Industries, among others.

Start learning now!

INR, 8,000

Great for self learners


The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

We designed this for busy professionals. The lessons are short. With videos of five minutes or less. And you can always refer back to any topic if you need to.

It may take you 3 hours to go through the course. But the best way is to spend time doing the exercises, reflecting and practicing what you learn in your work-life. This is a starting point for a lifelong practice. The more you practice these skills, the better you’ll get at it.

If you want to love your work, enrich it and make it more fulfilling, then this course is for you. Everyone from new employees to mid-level managers and executive leadership can benefit from this course.

Absolutely. These skills are for everyone. Especially when you land your first job, chances are this kind of work will be a big part of what you'll be asked to do. Differentiating yourself from your peers on this skill, will set you apart from the rest.

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