A human approach to learning

Who better to teach strategy than those who have been practising it their entire careers? 

At HumanWorks - The School of Centre of Gravity, we have taken our best insights and learning accumulated over the past two decades; distilled it, organized it into a curated collection of courses for young professionals.

Every course at HumanWorks comes from real world practice. Not just the bookish teachings of college. Here you will not find the academic models and frameworks that bore you. Nor the sterile language and jargon that fill the world of business and strategy. 

What you will find are high-impact courses that you can put to work right away and get immediate results at your workplace.

We teach you the 'why' of things

Courses to sharpen the critical life skills required to navigate the world of business.

We know our stuff. We practice what we preach!

Hands-on curriculum, rooted in real-world practice. Taught by practitioners.

Learning that’s fun. And deep. And wide.

Comprehensive courses with a unique blend of storytelling and case narrations. 

Centre of Gravity has been around since 2004. We pioneered the idea of human-centred strategy more than 15 years ago, much before ‘human-centered’ joined other management jargon and morphed into a buzzword. That’s how long we have been practising human-centered strategy with some of the best-known companies and nonprofits across the world. And with great success!

Today we are a world-class strategy consulting firm, a mad-tribe of deep-thinking strategists, community builders, storytellers and brand-designers. But our essential difference is and continues to be the philosophy of human-centeredness. It is timeless, it is critical to success and we are damn good at it - more than anything, we enjoy it, for it makes our work magical and meaningful.

In the last few years, we have also been running training workshops and learning sessions with companies, colleges and industry associations, among others to take the idea of human-centred philosophy to the world. We have trained MBA and Executive MBA aspirants from global universities and schools. We have done strategy training workshops for managers in many large corporations. We have run learning sessions with design institutes and CEO forums.

We created HumanWorks to share the methods we practice at Centre of Gravity to empower individuals, world-class teams and organizations; help them solve problems, address business issues and keep growing.

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