A human approach to learning

Who better to teach strategy than those who have been practising it their entire careers?

At HumanWorks, we have taken our best insights and learning accumulated over the past two decades; distilled it, organized it into a curated collection of courses for professionals.

Every course at HumanWorks comes from real world practice. Not just the bookish teachings of college. Here you will not find the academic models and frameworks that bore you. Nor the sterile language and jargon that fill the world of business and strategy.  

What you will find are high-impact courses that you can put to work right away and get immediate results at your workplace.  

We teach you the 'why' of things

Courses to sharpen the critical life skills required to navigate the world of business.

We know our stuff. We practice what we preach

Hands-on curriculum, rooted in real-world practice. Taught by practitioners.

Learning that’s fun. And deep. And wide.

Comprehensive courses with a unique blend of storytelling and case narrations.

Learn human-centered thinking directly from the best practitioners in the world.

Two kinds of courses. For two kinds of learners.

For every course in HumanWorks, you have two options. The Ekalavya Course and The Arjuna Cohort Class.

Ekalavya courses

Ekalavya courses are meant for self learners who learn at their own pace. Learners who have the discipline to take the time, watch the course content, do the additional reading, spend time to think about the concepts learned. Students who pose questions in the discussion forums. Who like to receive feedback from the instructor and other students who took the course before them.

The world outside infantilizes today’s learners. By calling them people who are distracted, who only have the capability to take bite size information, or who have an attention deficit that they can't take the time to think and reflect. The Ekalavya courses are for those who can prove such people wrong.

Arjuna Cohort Classes

Arjuna Cohort Classes are Instructor Led Programs for a limited number of students in each course. As the name suggests, this program is on a scheduled calendar of learning. Usually spread about 10 weeks. The courses include pre-recorded content, and weekly live discussions in addition to the online forums for discussion and feedback.

The course is for deep learners, who seek the interactivity of a live class and the deeper interactivity with the instructor and other select students. Since offering these courses by our instructors needs them to take a break from their regular strategy consulting practice, we offer these courses only twice a year. In January and in September.

Why did we name these courses the Ekalavya and Arjuna courses? These are heroic characters in the Indian epic, The Mahabharata.
Both of them were excellent archers, who had very different learning paths. 

Our source code

Centre of Gravity has been around since 2004. We pioneered the idea of human-centered strategy more than 15 years ago, much before ‘human-centered’ joined other management jargon and morphed into a buzzword. That’s how long we have been practising human-centered strategy with some of the best-known companies and nonprofits across the world. And with great success!

Today we are a world-class strategy consulting firm, a mad-tribe of deep-thinking strategists, community builders, storytellers and brand-designers. But our essential difference is and continues to be the philosophy of human-centeredness. It is timeless, it is critical to success and we are damn good at it - more than anything, we enjoy it, for it makes our work magical and meaningful.

In the last few years, we have also been running training workshops and learning sessions with companies, colleges and industry associations, among others to take the idea of human-centred philosophy to the world. We have trained MBA and Executive MBA aspirants from global universities and schools. We have done strategy training workshops for managers in many large corporations. We have run learning sessions with design institutes and CEO forums.  

We created HumanWorks to share the methods we practice at Centre of Gravity to empower individuals, world-class teams and organizations; help them solve problems, address business issues and keep growing.

Murali Chandrashekaran
Vice-Provost, International
The University of British Columbia

COG is so vital to these programs because they provide that anchor point for our students. What is attractive for us and what the students find really attractive when they engage with COG is that there's a certain level of authenticity in engagement with people, with topics, with projects.

Abubaker Koya
Managing Director

So, for me, this was an eye opener not just for me, but also for the Swiss CXO's, who attended you know, we had 50-50 at each region. The whole approach to business problem solving with a human centric approach was something absolutely new to us.

Yoshinori Fujikawa
Associate Professor and MBA Program Director, Hitotsubashi ICS

We see and also appreciate this opportunity to work with Rajesh and his team at Centre of Gravity is its pretty unique perspective that they can bring on to our curriculum, which is the human centered approach. Centre of Gravity is ahead of the curve. And they have been doing this for a while.

Chris Diepdael
Director - Market Development Services, BDO Consulting 

I remember being very surprised that that there was room for that in the business world because as you go into an MBA, you know, you're naive and you think business is this, you know, big monolithic machine. And it was really refreshing to see not just not just to hear the stories and that, you know, the consultants and the human centric consulting had a role in that relationship, but also that the outcomes drove value and not just profit.

Vicente Illingworth
Vendor Manager - Field Services, TELUS MBA

I was just mind blown when Rajesh presented all of these examples. And that to me, that was an amazing experience. So the greatest added value for me was that Centre of Gravity made me realize or, or planted the seed in my head. That we can always use all of these strategies and all of these frameworks and everything that I am learning in my classes. 

Sireesh Rao
Chief Manager - Field Readiness, Asian Paints 

What really works with this whole program is that it's not just about the two day workshop. There is a fair amount of work that people have to do post the workshop and I think the engagement that we've had with COG even post that is pretty high. And my experience over the last two years has been, the quality of implementation has also been good, because the plan itself was pretty robust.